Facial Treatments & Nail Services in Tampa, FL

Badar’s Hair & All offers a comprehensive selection of facial and nail spa options at all three location in Tampa, FL. Our highly trained, licensed and experienced technicians carefully listen to our clients to ensure a positive and relaxing experience. We want our clients to not only look amazing after their spa experience, but to feel amazing as well. We offer facial, pedicure, manicure and nail services for men, women and children.

Facial Skin Care

Treatments | Peels

Deep Pore Ceansing/Detox Gel$75

Oxygenating/Antioxidant Rejuvenation$75

Hydrating Treatment$70

Back Skin Care Treatment$70

Microdermabrasion (30 min)$110

When combined with other Treatment$40

Oxy-Mist Treatment (30 min) $85

Ultrasound Assisted Rejuvenation add$30

Custome European Facial (60 min)$75

Refresh & Tone (30 min)$45

Facial Restoration***

Indian specialty Facial starting from$70

Fruit Facial$75

Herbal Facial$75

Gold Facial $85

Pearl Facial$105

Acna Facial$65

Facial Peels

Signature PCA Peels (75 minutes)$135

Sensi Peel (75 minutes)$135

Ultra Peel (75 minutes)$135

Pumpkin Peels (75 minutes)$135

Acne Treatment***

*** Prices on Consultation

Nail Treatments & Styles

Manicures | Pedicures | Nail Extensions
Gel Manicures Shellac & Gelish

Color (without manicure)$23

French (without manicure)$28

Color (with manicure) $28

French (with manicure)$33



French Manicure $20

Hot Oil Manicure $20

Paraffin Manicure $25

Spa Pedicures

Classic Spa Pedicure Manicure $38

Classic (French) Spa Pedicure Manicure$45

Paraffin Spa Pedicure$35

Paraffin (French) Pedicure$40

Classic Spa Pedicure$25

Luxurious Spa Pedicure$43

Shellac or Gelish Polish on Toenails$15

Nail Extension
(Long Nail Require More Time And Subject To A Price Increase)

Full Set Acrylic Nails$25

White French Tips Full Set Acrylic Nails$30

Pink & White Full Set Acrylic Nails$40

(Recommended Every 2 Weeks)

Acrylic Fill$18

Pink Fill$20

Back Fill (Pink & White)$30

Gel Coating$5

Specialty Liquid Gel Nails

Full Set of Liquid Gel$45

Gel Fill (recommend every 2 weeks)$30

Other Services

Polish Change on Fingernails$8

Polish Change On Toenails$10

Polish Change French on Fingernails$11

Polish Change French on Toenails$13

Nails Cut Down & Shape$7

Nails Cut Down, Shape & Buffering$10

Nails Soak off (Acrylic)$10

Nails Soak off (Shellac or Gelish)$7

Children’s Nail Pricing

Spa Pedicure (Ages 4 - 5)$18

Spa Pedicure (Ages 11 - 15)$20

Finger & Toenail Polish$12

Design (Fingernails & Toenails)$5